Counselling and Mediation Services

Counselling & Mediation Services
A problem cannot be resolved on the same level it was created at…

Most people enter counselling or mediation seeking relief from a current crisis; they recognize the need for change but may be unsure of how to get relief and how to make things different than they are.

Counselling & Mediation Services can help you by providing effective solutions and creating positive change in your life through a multi-disciplined, empathetic and productive approach.

Personal appointments can be made in our offices in Collingwood, near Blue Mountain, or in Mississauga, Ontario or online. Contact us today!


If you, or someone you know, is going through a marital separation then you need to find out about the benefits of Family Mediation. Click on the links in this website.



World-wide, convenient, less expensive. Simply download “skype” and invite CounsellingandMediation as a contact. We’ll set up an appointment and get started…



Marriages are still failing at alarming rates! Getting married is a decision that effects your whole life and should be considered carefully and thoughtfully. Attending this pre-marital program will allow you to better understand your relationship by developing a practical plan which is specific to the two of you, solely based on your mutual needs and wants. Get the love you want! You can use your mutual vision for your vows and the rest of your life. Spend 4 hours discovering a marriage manual that works… well worth it for a lifetime committment! Call or email today to set a personal appointment.


Want to be successful this year with your resolutions? We have a program that will help support your personal resolutions… whatever they are! Contact us today for more information:


The Federal Department of Justice recently announced changes to the Federal Child
Support Guideline Tables, effective December 31, 2011. The amendments were registered on November 17, 2011, and will appear in Part II of the Canada Gazette on December 7, 2011. Click on the following link to use the online calculator provided by the Federal Department of Justice if you want to calculate a child support amount under the new tables: Justice Canada Child Support Online Lookup.

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