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Spiritual Healing

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It is often difficult to know how to develop positive relationships in a blended family and there are many families who experience similar difficulties.

The blended family group can help you understand and consider alternatives. Call or email today for more details and find out when the next group begins.


Marriages are still failing at alarming rates! Getting married is a decision that effects your whole life and should be considered carefully and thoughtfully.

Attending this pre-marital program will allow you to better understand your relationship by developing a practical plan which is specific to the two of you, solely based on your mutual needs and wants. You can use your mutual vision to use for your vows and your whole marriage. Spend 4 hours discovering a marriage manual that works… well worth it for a lifetime committment! Call us or email today to set up a personal appointment.

Relationship Workshop

Facilitated  By Leland Clipperton

Are You Getting The Love You Want?

  • The very nature of relationships creates challenges, struggles & conflict.

What kind of relationship do you want?

  • Discover how & why relationships develop the way they do.

What do you need to change to have a better relationship?

  • Learn some simple steps that will help improve your relationship today.

What kind of partner are you?

Explore how to improve your relationship.

Create the relationship you want,desire and deserve!

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