Of Course You’re Angry – Anger Management


Do you feel people and situations make you angry?

Do you feel like people don’t listen to you?

Do you feel ignored or less important than others?

Do you have a hard time expressing emotions?

Do you often feel conflict? 

Anger is one of the most often felt and least appropriately expressed emotions we experience.

Some people find themselves in difficulty as a result of poor expression of their frustration. This can result in problems in relationships, making what may have been a resolvable situation into an situation with heightened emotion where people point fingers at each other with increasing anger.

Anger is a emotional response to a situation which is outside of what is expected. It may also be a indicator of how we are managing problems in our lives.

Anger management is a process of gaining insight into the causes of anger and learning alternative behaviour strategies when anger is felt. It is suitable for people whose anger has created difficulties in their life.

Court and lawyer referrals are accepted for anger management.